About The Artist

Aisha Khan is a self-taught Artist. She was born in Rangoon , Myanmar and came to India as a young kid.

Today she lives in North America travelling between the US and Canada.

She formed a love for Art and colors from a very young age, winning several  Art awards in School . She participated very actively in Sports as an extremely successful athlete representing her school in all major Sport events . Her love for Art always found her sketching and painting in her sketch book when she was not running the tracks. . Aisha started to paint portraits in oil colors and moved on to abstract figurative works. 

Aisha pursued a BSc in Microbiology and Biochemistry, later joining the School of Interior Design. She learnt greatly about perspective 3D drawings and interior spatial design. This helped to incorporate various techniques of light and shade into her paintings. Aisha is an avid traveller and has travelled to most parts of the world. Arts and culture inspires her way of life.

 She sought to express herself creatively through her abstract artwork incorporating a large array of colors and textures. Her inspirations are her friends, family and put simply, the beautiful world of changing seasons.

Her artwork incorporates different techniques and tools, from brush to palette knife. She loves to paint contemporary styles and anything occurring in its natural setting though she also love to try unique styles of layering and mark making techniques in her work. She paints from instinct and intuition and like to keep her artwork spontaneous and fun.

Aisha work mainly with Acrylic colors  on canvas , paper and panels . Her paintings incorporates a combination of media such as inks, oil pastels, graphite, colored pencils and charcoal which are my mark making tools. Abstract painting gives a sense of freedom without boundary.


Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.